Why Networks matter

reading Castells piece about ‘why networks matter’ I found my previous understanding of
networks to be rather limited and naive in that I assumed it was only technology
based but that is only one piece of an intertwined puzzle as Castell points out
“networks are the underlying structure of our society”. I found this statement to
be the most thought provoking of the reading and began to realise just how
widespread networks are. Even though many individuals and countries are not connected
to global networks they are still shaped by them. Facebook for instance has
over 500 million users which would make it the 3rd most populace country
in the world. Although networks are an ever changing entity that influence almost
every aspect of our life without most of us even realising that it is
happening. I have to admit that even while typing this I was connected to many different
networks, Facebook being one of them.


DIGC202 Blog

The Main focus and creation of this blog is for the subject Digc202, this is my first ever blog which may seem a little strange to some people but there’s always a first for everything