Authoring, Reading, Using and Interactivity

The whole concept of interactivity has changed completely with the introduction of the internet and social media. The relationship between the company and customer has changed drastically. Now more than ever has the individual being able to wield power and get their voice heard beyond just the people they know. Just look at how many companies are now on social media sites and this allows people to comment on their page with feedback regarding their products. This is however detrimental to the company though as any actions that the company does to anyone can be posted and seen by the whole world which could have a very negative or positive effect for their business.

Another example of interactivity is the idea of machinima, it has changed the video game industry completely. Red vs Blue were the first group to successfully produce a movie like experience with the game engine of halo 1. Because of the success of this nearly all games that are released today have some kind of game play capturing mode built into them. This has also allowed people to manipulate the stories in ways which the developers haven’t intended. You can pretty much search any series with slash or mash up after it and your bound to find all these ridiculous videos that you will laugh at.

When you look at these two examples it’s clear that when the individual is given a voice a.k.a the internet that they can have real influence on companies and the direction they take with their products.

Here is a link to a slash video of star wars. it’s just one of many that are out there.


Week 4: R rating for violent video games

Using the dot points for the policy debate exercise in this week’s tutorial, I’m going to be looking at the issue of violent video games. Most people associate this issue with the mass shooting such as Columbine, Sandy Hook and many others that have occurred. Many claim that violent video games are to blame for their actions which are inherently false as there are many more underlying harder to address issues such as domestic violence, equality and society as a whole that are the cause for this.

The type of policy that could be debated here is a restriction on violent video games and an eventual ban all the violent video games for under 18’s. The challenges that are being faced here though are that many media experts such as Sue Turnbull have said that there is no direct link between violent behaviour and video games. This debate involves a large portion of the community as gaming is now a popular activity these days and many households and parents in particular play video games themselves. The producers who develop and market these games are also concerned by this debate as they could potentially be out of a job should things get worse.

Many gaming organisations and gamers are all concerned with this problem as its only a very small amount of people that are spoiling it for the rest of them and in order to decide an outcome there should be equal representation and opinion between the gamers and the politicians who could create this policy. The best likely outcome would be that video games be ruled out completely for the sole cause of mass shootings as there is no hard evidence that say they are responsibly.

below are a couple of arguments that refer to sandy hook and video games.

Cyberpunk, hackers and representation

I had never seen Johnny mnemonic myself its but it’s an interesting concept to explore. People taking body modification to the next level by surgically adding pieces to your body that you weren’t born with. At this moment in time I wouldn’t want any body modification if I were offered it but if it becomes a social aspect and you’re in a sense discriminated against for not upgrading then I think I would as it’s a basic need for human beings to belong.

I find it interesting to observe that plastic surgery really took off after the First World War as an attempt to help all the wounded soldiers. The type of world that exists in Johnny mnemonic may only be possibly if there is another large scale war and technology regarding transplants and organ donations jumps forward several decades, but it’s only one possible future.

I think that body modification is the next step of evolution for the human race. In order to travel to other solar systems it takes thousands of years and if people were to essentially become a terminator with living tissue over an exoskeleton then it could be possible for us to make it to other stars because as one part wears out we can simply replace it, giving us eternal life.

To help you out below is a visual example of what the future might look like.

on the same topic, I think with such ease to modify a person stereotypes and racsim will start to decline as it will be almost impossible to truly figure out who the person is without all the modifications. Like in the video above everybody wanted these additions as it was the cool thing and the new trend. But those who couldn’t afford it become the poor or with reference to Johnny mnemonic the low techs. The movie surrogates looks at a futuristic world where nobody actually uses their own body anymore and you can virtually become anyone by using one of these surrogates.