The Feudalisation of the Internet

With the rise of social media and the internet, the traditional model of communication which was a top – down layout was beginning to reverse with the opposite occurring. As seen in the lecture and reading, Companies are now building walled gardens which gives them back control of their products and only they can decide on what you can and cannot do with them.

This is just an observation that I have made while talking to people in general, it seems to me that most of if not all of the females that use smartphones prefer the walled in gardens that the apple store can offer. My reasoning behind this is because of the safety it gives to your device and everything is in a nice laid out model. Most men however, prefer to stay away from the walled gardens and stick to android as they like the option of customisation that a free marketplace gives you. It is more prone to viruses and attacks but in my opinion the benefits outweigh the risks but since I don’t own a smartphone I believe this gives me a non-biased view when discussing this issue.

After reading this article that was pointed out to us in the tutorial which is located below

I agree completely with what Tim Berners Lee says. It is quite easy to see the ways in which the information that authorities could obtain through monitoring the internet could be abused. Digital information never fades and is always accessible through the internet. A perfect example of how much data you leave on the internet was given in the lecture by Ted, Max Schrems had over 1200 pages of data from just three years of Facebook usage. If legislation is brought in which gives governments control of this information then it’s quite possible in my opinion that we could see a big brother system becoming reality for the world where governments know just almost everything there is to know about you. it’s like 1986 but just a couple of decades later than the book predicted.


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