Week 9 White Bread Media

Before this week’s lecture and tutorial I hadn’t given much thought about the imbalance of multicultural presenters on Australian television screens. After scanning the channels on TV at home, it became quite clear that the commercial channels such as Prime, Win and Ten have little to no presenters that are of any decent other than Caucasian. Only the government funded channels such as ABC and SBS had presenters from other cultures regularly on their screens. Another issue which also sprang to mind after thinking about this issue is the fact that there are no shows that I know of which air on the commercial networks that have non-white characters as the main protagonists.

Multicultural shows like East-West 101 and Salam café never made it to the commercial networks and as such never gained a big enough audience to make the show last. There are currently renewed pushes to increase the number of multicultural shows on television with Redfern Now airing in late December 2012. The introduction of NITV also shows that progress is being made to include other cultures on television.

After reading this week’s readings it’s clear to see that there is currently quite a lot of racism directed towards cultures other than white. The role of the media on television and radio has only served to inflame tensions and this is pretty typical of the media in general. They only focus on cultures when they clash for example the Cronulla riots. Rarely if not ever do you see stories about cultures co existing with each other.

The issue of white bread media goes far beyond that of television shows and presenters, it encompasses many facets of the media for example the recent controversy over the lack of multicultural models found in the men’s underwear company Aussie Bums. All these factors combined to generate this air of racism that lingers over Australia and tourists like Rosie Waterland believe that Australia is a racist country. This ‘racist’ tag is potentially turning off investors and other tourists who bring much needed money into our economy. Without the tourism industry, a lot of jobs will be lost and the flow on effects will be disastrous.

The link to the full article can be found below, for people to read



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