Jour101 Interviewing Techniques Week 6

British interviewer David Frost speaks to former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Buhtto

David frost makes one key mistake during this interview as she is answering one of his questions she briefly mentions the “man who murdered Osama bin laden”. David should have picked up on this point and then used it to spring into other questions that he originally wasn’t going to ask.

Two possible solutions for his error during this interview is either he was distracted and not properly listening as it wasn’t a face to face interview therefore he didn’t have to focus as much as he normally would have. the second reason for this was that he didn’t want to ask that question as he probably feared this would ruin the interview as she would most likely get defensive and avoid his follow up questions. another possible scenario this could of made her really angry and storm off before completing the interview, which would make David look like a bad interviewer.

thats only two speculations as to why he didn’t follow her up on her slip. you can make your own decisions when you watch the video. The link to the original interview can be found below.


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