Xbox or PlayStation? The big decision for gamers!

Which console are you planning to buy in 2013?

November this year is the month that both Microsoft and Sony plan to release their new generation of game consoles.

A recent study conducted at The University of Wollongong this week by Digital Media students revealed that there are some very interesting trends emerging. The poll involved a sample group of 25 participants 20 males and 5 females who each filled out a questionnaire asking for their opinion on the release of the new Xbox One or PS4.

The results from this survey showed that 72% of males thought the consoles were too expensive. Xbox one will be priced at $598 while PlayStation 4 will cost $548. Over half of all people surveyed stated that money played the biggest factor in determining which console they would eventually chose. While another 38% said they would not buy a new console until the price dropped significantly.

Another factor influencing the decision to buy is the choice of games currently available and due for release in the near future. In an interview with one of the male respondents he stated that “there just aren’t any games that have got me interested at the moment… I’ll definitely wait until there are more games to play before I consider buying one or the other”.

However 4 out of the 5 females surveyed thought it was a worthwhile purchase. One commented that “If my boyfriend plays it all the time then I don’t see a problem with him buying one straight away”

Although the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both have a huge pre-order list with local retailers, it appears from the results of this study that most university students aren’t planning on upgrading their gaming consoles anytime soon.

After the rival consoles have been released, the results of a follow up opinion poll will indicate if gamers have changed their opinions. If you need more help deciding check out this website.


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