Profile Piece: Interview with Adam Pollington

At the EB Games Expo on Friday 4th of October 2013, I talked with Adam Pollington about the upcoming release of the new Xbox One. His current position is Xbox Platform Category Lead at Microsoft Australia. He has a passion for interactive entertainment and a strong interest in business and people management.

Adam Pollington

Adam Pollington

Are you happy with the overall response you have received to the new Xbox One console?

Given that Microsoft has been quite ambitious with the number of features and the level of quality we wanted to achieve, we are very pleased so far with the reception of our new console. It was very satisfying to see the level of excitement and anticipation towards something we have all worked so hard to accomplish.

Why has it taken so long for Microsoft to design and produce a new console?

It’s always about making it better than the last one, always trying to improve always trying to make it more efficient with more features, but at the same time still making it accessible for new players. From a technical standpoint it’s about making the console a brand new top of the range product. We didn’t just want to re-create the past. We wanted to innovate and expand.

There has been some negative criticism of the Xbox One, how would you respond to that?

We are always willing to change our ideas if it means a better product. Because of the negative feedback that we received about the ‘always on’ internet connection, the Xbox One will not need to be constantly connected to the internet. It will also support used games. Unfortunately however, the console will not be backwards compatible with Xbox360 games and there are no current plans to change this feature.

Do you listen to online feedback? Do you take players ideas for future games on board?

Yes, we are very proactive with soliciting online feedback and ideas via Facebook, Twitter and Blogs. There is a lot of great discussion and interaction that goes on amongst the gaming community themselves and with us. This really helps us understand what is currently resonating with gamers and what they consider important to add, change or improve in games for the next time. The real challenge is in creating games is to make sure that they are both fun and realistic.

What do you see as the best features of Xbox One?

With the Xbox One, Microsoft has focused on what the hardware could do outside of traditional gaming and how it could form the centre of all entertainment in the family living room. The new and improved Kinect system allows users to easily change content, scrolling through games, movies, live television and a host of other Microsoft services. A new feature called Snap is included for the first time. This places two different kinds of content next to each other on the screen. So for example, users can watch movies and surf the net at the same time.


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