Xbox One or PlayStation 4: discovering the difference.

Gamers need to get technical this time around.

The release date for the next gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony is nearly here. This time it’s not just about the games or the look of the console itself that matters anymore. Gamers now need to analyse the technical specs before they can make their choice.

Over seven years have passed since the last model of these consoles were released to the public. Many new features have been included in both new designs as Xbox One and PS4 battle for gaming supremacy. So what’s on offer this time around?

Xbox One now has 8 GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive as well as the ability to store data in the cloud. Now there is plenty of memory for games, demos, movies, apps, music and more. The Kinect system has been re-engineered. So users can change between games, movies, live television and a host of other Microsoft services through voice control. An ultra-sensitive sensor can track wrist and shoulder rotations; as well as a 1080P camera that can record video at 30fps.

Although the Xbox controller reportedly had over 40 new design tweaks, it still looks similar to the existing 360 one. The most notable change is the improved D-pad but there are lots of other small changes.

PlayStation 4 is also offering 8GB memory and a 500GB hard drive but without the ability to save files to the cloud. The PlayStation camera will also have to be purchased separately for an extra $100. The main difference for gamers is in the controller. Basically the same for the last 15 years, the DualShock 4 is now weightier and studier. It has a clickable touch pad and the trigger buttons are improved. Overall it’s a solid user friendly controller.

Samuel Cooper the EB Games store manager for the Sydney region has said “these next gen consoles have so many new features. If buyers need any assistance our staff are fully trained and ready to help”

These are just the basic differences. To check out even more of the new features of these next gen consoles, simply follow the links below.


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