Xbox One or PlayStation 4: which has the best offer?

The competition heats up as Bundle extras are announced.

Publicity and marketing are key elements in the success of any new product. As Microsoft and Sony both rush to release their latest gaming consoles it is clear that Microsoft is winning the publicity war in Australia. Sony announced first that PlayStation 4 would be available at midnight on November 29th. Microsoft responded by declaring that the Xbox One would be released also at midnight on November 22nd.

As part of the promotion of these new devices, both companies have put together a special package that consumers will receive if they pre-order. Xbox One ‘The Day One Edition’ features a commerative controller and an exclusive achievement. Also a ‘Day One’ Xbox Live gold membership and the ability to play Killer Instinct Round One with the exclusive Shadow Jago character. Sony is also promoting a PS4 bundle. This includes the 500GB console, the game Killzone Shadowfall, an additional DualShock 4 Controller and the PS4 Eye Camera.

Microsoft has heavily promoted their product in Australia. At the recent EB Games Expo, Microsoft displayed their V8 supercar which raced at the Bathurst 1000. The lack of promotion of the PS4 in Australia by Sony means that Microsoft stands to gain a significant advantage over its rival. The earlier release date of Xbox One combined with a more attractive bundle means that gamers may not want to wait for the PS4.

Retailers have indicated that stocks of the Xbox One are limited. Pre-orders are expected to account for the majority of sales, so it may be difficult to buy one after the initial release date. While in Wollongong I talked with Rhys, an enthusiastic gamer who said “I can’t wait for November 22nd. it’s gonna be great I just want to start playing it now”. It won’t be clear until the New Year which company has sold more units. However the competition is fierce and gamers will be quick to determine which one is the best.

For more information about pre-order bundles check the link below.


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